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What's for dinner?

Families stress about dinner on a daily basis. Planning your meals with Lita helps you save time, eat healthier, and save money. Enjoy tasty dinners with our exclusive recipes that are good for you and our planet.

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Plan your meals

Save time and money. By making a conscious choice of what to eat for dinner for the coming week, you’ll also eat healthier.

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Breeze through grocery shopping with the ready-made shopping list.

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Cook vegetarian

All recipes in Lita are vegetarian or fully plant-based. Good for you, good for our planet.

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Exclusive recipes

In Lita you'll find recipes you won't find by googling. Our incredible chefs bring you a first class cooking experience.

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Lita is free to download and use.
Got a taste for more? Get Lita Premium and get full access to great recipes and meal plans.

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